Thursday, July 8, 2010

Covering a Wipes Case

I had made one of these ages ago and they were too much work to do on a continuous basis, but for Baby Bennett, I had a case laying around and some fabric that matched his blanket to finish using, so I went ahead and made one.

Here's the low down on how to do it, should you want your own. 

1- Start with a plastic wipes case. I used Huggies, because we're a Huggies family, and the fact that is all I had in my house now that we're out of diapers and using wipes. Any brand will do, you can pick one up for about $1.27 in the travel section bins at your local Wal-Mart or Target. 

2- Measure the top of your case, each of the brands and styles are a little different. Then cut 2 pieces of felt about 1/2" shorter than your case top and bottom. Then cut your fabric about .75"-1" larger than the felt. 
3- Lay the felt to the WRONG side of the fabric. Place it about center with the fabric. Now you're going to have to hold the felt and the fabric together and place it on top of the case so the RIGHT side of the fabric is facing up. Make sure you have enough fabric to go around all the edges of the case. 

4- Hold the fabric steady, and pull it up so you can hot glue the felt to the top of the case.  Once the felt is glued on, carefully apply a thin layer of glue to the side edges of the case and then fold over the fabric onto the glue. Do this to the top and bottom of the case.

Yes, you are going to have crazy raw edges, everywhere, I did say this project took time. 

5- Now here is where I stopped to add my decoration. If you don't want to add anything just skip this and go on. I took a piece of ric rac the length of my fabric and sewed on some coordinating buttons to the top. Then I hot glued it along the top of the case on top of the fabric. (You can just do a thick ribbon, the ric rac alone, or just glue buttons, whatever you want, get creative.)
6- Here comes the time consuming, tricky part. With a very sharp, small set of scissors (I used my rag quilting scissors) you are going to trim off all the excess fabric around the edges of the case. 
Yes, it won't be perfect, but we're going to glue ribbon around it to hide it, so don't worry, just be careful not to cut too much. 
7- After cutting off the excess, you are going to use hot glue and ribbon to go around the raw edges. Start in the back or on the side where it won't be to noticeable, and start in the same place for both the top and bottom pieces. 
Glue around the entire 4 sides and finish by cutting the ribbon, searing the end and gluing it on top of your starting point. 
8- Check all the sides for any loose threads or fabric that may have been missed, brush off any debris, make sure you never glued the case shut (yes, that has happened to me, hence why I'm warning you) and then fill it with baby wipes. 

Add a cute Diaper Case and you've got a great present!