Thursday, July 1, 2010

BIG, beautiful, baby hat

If you're around little kids as much as I am, especially babies and baby girls, then you've seen those HUGE flower hat or headbands that all the little girls have been wearing?!?!?

They sure are adorable, but who wants to pay and arm and a leg for accessories when you have to pay for diapers! So here's our solution to the problem. Thanks to my friend Alyson, and her beauty Charis for giving me a reason to make this!

First Alyson picked out a flower she liked at Wal-Mart and I was able to find the crocheted stretchy hat at the flea market for $1!

Put the hat to the side till the end, and take the center piece of the flower out. You will have to pull the stem of the flower off and the center piece that holds it together. You will now have all the fabric layer pieces of the flower free. Keep them in order and hold the center. 
Using a needle and thread, simply hand sew the pieces together in the middle so that they stay together. 
Now take a flat back rhinestone, I picked up a package of 20 at Michaels for $2.99 and hot glue the back of the rhinestone into the middle of the flower to hide where you did your sewing and to give it some bling. 

Now to do the back clip attachment. You will need a small alligator clips. These can be bought at Sally's Beauty Supply for about $2 a dozen, or at Wal-Mart/Target if you're lucky. Take a small square of felt and place it between the alligator clip and then apply the glue to the top (that's the side where the clip hinge angles up) of the alligator clip. The face it down onto the back side of the flower and hold in place.

The picture above is what the back of the flower should look like when finished. 

Now take the flower attached with the alligator clip and slide the flat side of the clip into the grooves of the hat. 

Since your flower is attached with a clip rather than sewn onto the hat you can interchange flowers on one hat, or use the same flower on a headband or different colored headbands and hats as well. 

Add to a cute baby and you've got a beautiful match!