Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Paint Can Party Bag


A dear friend of mine from college has a beautiful little girl about a year younger than my little guy. Their birthday's fall around each others, and I love making things for her :) While the birthday is still a ways away, I just couldn't wait to make this and since I have the free time now, I figured I would get started :)

I took a clean gallon paint can (bought for under $5 at Home Depot) and covered it with some fun scrapbook paper and then used the Cricut to cut out a letter, some shapes and the phrase "sweet girl." I divided the can in half using the handle as my guides.
For the paper I cut:
2 -  9 1/2" x 7 3/8", 
2 - 1"x1"
2 - .8" x 5.5"

After the paper was cut, I glued on the decorations. Starting with the largest pieces I used Beacon's 3 in 1 glue (which you can pick up at Michaels) to glue the main body pieces onto the paint can. After they dried completely I glued the long slender pieces and then finally my small square pieces. I made sure that there were no bubbles anywhere and that the paper lay flush against the can. 
To do the top of the can I measured the diameter of my top and then just used the Cricut to cut a circle out of the scrapbook paper in that diameter size. 

To be safe, I let the can sit overnight, just to make sure I did things correctly and that the glue would settle well and the paper would hold. Then I went through my scrap bin and pulled some scrap fabric that would be fun and funky as well as some ribbon pieces. I used pinking shears to cut some strips out and then just knotted them along the handle of the can.

Now I have a super cute "gift bag" for my little sweetie's birthday present. I'm going to fill it with art supplies and different crafty things she can learn to use over the next year.  Plus she can use the can to store her toys or goodies :)