Friday, April 30, 2010

Blogger Friends

WhooHoo! 20 followers tonight! I know it's not a big deal in the blog-o-sphere, but for lil ole me it sure is! I'm pooped tonight :( No creative projects pictured or posted tonight, but some are in the works and soon to come. 

Still have a lot of baby shower items to make, plus a couple orders for girls at church. Tomorrow will be a busy day. That and I'm beat from a rough week at school. 

If you don't know, I teach full time middle school students as my day job. The Woobie Shop is my stress relief. So I don't get to enjoy all the fun of my fun being work, but I do love kids. As the year gets ready for a close, the natives become more restless making the teachers more weary. 

Have no fear my friendly blog followers, crafty projects coming soon!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brother Shirts

I have two adorable little boys in CT that I love dearly. OAC and MJD were born within 2 weeks of each other and it was terribly sad when our friends had to move away. Now that they have 2 boys in their family, I couldn't resist making them these shirts. 
Especially since they will be perfect for the summer and soon able to wear them. I love them! (The shirts, and the boys.) Can't wait to see them on the boys and not just on a hanger. I'll be sure to have mom take a picture of the boys in them :) 

Oh, and this was a project I was finally able to get done tonight with my sewing buddies. It's been sitting on my table for weeks but with the baby shower burst it got pushed lower on the to do list. 

Sewing buddies

I find that I love sewing and chatting. Not always do I get all of my projects done, but a there are a few of us from church that enjoy sewing, so we've started meeting and bringing a project, working and chatting. Tonight was sewing night. I had a blast with two lovely ladies. I meant to take a picture of my sweet friend Amanda, but with all the chatting, I forgot. So here's Tracy and her adorable bag that she finished tonight.

What a good guy

So here's proof that real men can craft! Well, I'm not sure it was really crafting so much as the fact it was getting late, I was still working on tee shirts and cutting out applique letters and my hubby wanted me to get to bed. So he gracious said yes when I asked him to trace out letters and cut them out of Heat n Bond. 

Such a great guy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

New pattern posted

Whoo hooo! After much time and work to make sure I got it right, the pattern for the Carry All Pad-folio is up in the shop. So much fun to make patterns. It is quite fun to figure it out, put it on paper and get it all set for others to enjoy making.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Card Party

There's a lady at church who hosts a card party 4 times a year. I went for the first time a few months ago and had a blast. I'm not a card maker, I leave that to Hallmark.

I love making presents and I love shopping for presents, especially if I can get a great sale! But the cards always evade me. I hate spending $3.99 on a card when I could put that money towards more present. And I don't like the $.99 cards because they feel so blah for the excitement of a present.

So the happy medium is making cute cards. Well after my first go around at it I was much more efficient and excited about this party. I carpooled with a friend and we knew we were on a time crunch as our hubbies were at her house with all the kids. So after dinner of yummy homemade pizza, we got to work on cards and I was able to get 10 done!

Not all are shown because I've already used 3! I've got to get myself to make some more soon on my own as these are sure to go quickly.

Baby showers galore

I seriously have 5 baby showers in the span of 2 weeks! Sheesh! Well on my budget and averaging about $30 a shower gift, that would make it $150!!!! So time to craft.

I've been sewing and crafting like crazy. To be honest I'm getting tired out, but then I think about how much I'm saving, and how cute some of these things are turning out to be. I wish I could just go and buy a jumper, bouncer, etc. for each mom, but that's just not happening right now, so here's what I've ended up with.

A baby basket of some cute and necessary baby items to get through the first year. The sample basket is Lily's gift.

It includes: 
  • Snacks and snack bag to match the onesie
  • Personalized onesie with baby's initial (or a decoration if I don't know the baby's name)
  • Sippy cup and a sippy cup strap
  • Boo-Boo bag which is doubling as a pacifier case with a pacifier and pacifier leash
  • Diaper and wipes clutch with a wipes case inside
  • Nursing cover
  • Laundry basket 
  • Baby headband (for the girls only)
So what do you think? Is it enough? How do you as a mom feel about getting personalized/hand made gifts at a baby shower? Leave a comment and let me know how I could improve the shower gift basket!

Here's a pic of each item separately

Flower Project Complete!

Here's the photo of the flower head band I made with the pattern I blogged about the other night. Pretty cute huh?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flower Project

Flowers are the new big thing. 
I've loved seeing them all over the place. Being the mom of a very manly little boy, there isn't a lot of room in my life for flowers, lace and all things girlie. However, that is what baby showers are for! 

Several gals at church are having baby girls in the coming months and I've been booked with baby showers over the next few weeks. So I went in search of flower crafts to make for shower gifts. 

I found this awesome flower tutorial over at Pink Paper Peppermints and I'm going to make some beautiful little flower headbands. 

Will post pics soon!


I'm a huge Etsy fan, made obvious by my Etsy store. I work there, shop there, socialize on the forums there, etc. So when I kept seeing the Regretsy icons on the FB side bars, I had to give in and check it out. I know this site isn't new, but if you're in for a good laugh and some interesting items check it out. A girlfriend of mine, Casie, told me about Regretsy a while ago, but to be honest, I never took the time to check it out. It sure is interesting, and a little weird, which is what I believe they're going for. As their motto states, "Where DIY meets WTF."

Sunday couponing!

It's Sunday! That means it's coupon day. 

I've recently become a coupon fan and have run full speed ahead into the world of coupons. So on my way to church in the morning, I stop and pick up the Sunday paper, (I check to make sure the coupons are in there, yes, someone has stolen my coupons before!) and then during Little Man's nap time I read through all the ad, match my coupons and make a plan of attack. 

Call me crazy but there's something about the thrill of buying cart full of food and pay $60 or less at Publix that I love!

Well with all that being said, I blogged about my new coupon organization system on my personal blog, but I never wrote about it here. After getting comments about it there, I thought I would do the same here.

I was so overwhelmed with all the little coupons I had printed out so I bought a 13 pocket folder at Target used my lovely label maker to tab each section. I organized it in the same order as I walk through the store so it's easy to find my last minute coupons in the store.

Do you coupon? How do you organize all the random little coupons you get?

Monday, April 12, 2010

DIY Flower Pins

I showed you in an earlier post those super cute flowers for your hair. Well, here you have it, a PDF Pattern for the flowers. I've gotten my dear friend Emily to show me how she makes those super cute hair pins. We turned them into flower pins for purses and bags, but the same process is done to make them into hair pins. Hope you enjoy. 

The Ivy Twines

The Woobie Shop store is featured in a blog review/giveaway from some really cool gals at The Ivy Twines. Check out the article and check out the awesome way to get free shipping! Just read the review and then become of fan of the Woobie Shop blog!