Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Card Party

There's a lady at church who hosts a card party 4 times a year. I went for the first time a few months ago and had a blast. I'm not a card maker, I leave that to Hallmark.

I love making presents and I love shopping for presents, especially if I can get a great sale! But the cards always evade me. I hate spending $3.99 on a card when I could put that money towards more present. And I don't like the $.99 cards because they feel so blah for the excitement of a present.

So the happy medium is making cute cards. Well after my first go around at it I was much more efficient and excited about this party. I carpooled with a friend and we knew we were on a time crunch as our hubbies were at her house with all the kids. So after dinner of yummy homemade pizza, we got to work on cards and I was able to get 10 done!

Not all are shown because I've already used 3! I've got to get myself to make some more soon on my own as these are sure to go quickly.