Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ribbon, string, and a Cricut

Aren't these adorable. This was made by a friend for a baby shower we had recently. I love it. I have all the materials to make one, just sitting in my cabinet. Maybe I'll get to it some time this summer. We'll see.

Miss Annabella

This is Annabella. She's the newest addition to my friend's family and she's as sweet as can be. I would have loved if she had slept through some photos, but no such luck. She was wide awake for all of them.

Weston's Shirt

Little Man Weston turned one and his mama had wanted a birthday shirt with a 1 on it. Then there was a family death, and the party was canceled. But Weston still needed a shirt, so instead of the 1, I put a W on it. I think it turned out pretty cute. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kara's newborn hats

My friend Kara, who is one of the sweetest ladies in the world, started crocheting recently. I love it! Not only is it a crafty hobby, but she makes these most adorable newborn hats.

Being that I don't have a little girl, and my husband and son would throw a fit if I tried to put one on little man :) I don't get a chance to enjoy some of the little girl dainty things.

When two families at work announced baby girls, I couldn't help but ask Kara to make me some hats. I'm in love! They are the most adorable little hats, can't wait to see some beautiful baby girls wear them.

Mission Accomplished!

Sewing night was canceled last night and I went to be when my 2 year old did. But tonight I was able to get a lot of what was pertinent accomplished. Besides running to the store to get my hubby some water and medicine for another bout with kidney stones, I finished 3 Woobie blankets, finished assembling the 2 hats my girfriend crocheted for some gifts, made a padfolio for a birthday present and filled it with a matching pen and some bookmarks, and made a flower hair accessory (not pictured.)

So now I'm off to bed, there is more sewing to be done in the next few days!

Sewing buddy starts her own blog!

My super sweet sewing buddy Amanda started her own blog last night!!!! So excited for her, not only is new to venturing into the sewing world, she is adding blogging to many talents. Check her out HERE for some cute posts on her life, loves and adventures.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The last posting was a while ago....sorry. There has been some illness, unforeseen visits to the E.R., exhaustion, chaos, and busyness in my world lately.

But things are going to take a break tonight for our ladies sewing night. Not sure who will finally make it but there is sewing to be had tonight.

Here's my list that needs to be accomplished, preferrably tonight!

4 Woobie blankets for gifts
2 nursing wraps
1 pad-folio birthday gift
2 shirts (lil/big bro)
1 birthday 1 year old shirt
1 small snack bag
Glue 2 flowers to baby hats

Think it can get done? I sure hope so! Post pictures later :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

To all my blogger mama's Happy Mother's Day! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day with your loved ones. My weekend was spectacular and my hubby did a great job.

In the midst of such a great weekend, I did want to share something from another blogger that had advertised for The Woobie Shop in the past. I just received an email from Debby of Supah Mommy that one of the bloggers she knows has a 16 month old princess recently diagnosed with a terrible form of cancer.

Monkey's story can be read here at Momma's Pixie Dreams. I know there are a lot of families out here in the blog o sphere struggling and going through one crisis or another. There may not be much you can do financially or otherwise, but for those out there with faith, your prayers would be appreciated.

I know today on this Mother's Day my little man is healthy, but I don't know what God's plan for the future holds, so today I am grateful and will do what I can for another mother out there in pain. You never know when it might be you.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snack Bag Prototype

I've had a request from my sweet Emily. Weston, well perhaps his mama, is in need of a snack bag that will go over the bar of the shopping cart while in the grocery store so he can much on his snacks and she can keep an eye on it.

So now I'm working on a new prototype for a snack bag. I want to go jump at my sewing machine and start working, but I've been there done that and this is going to take a little planning; otherwise I will undoubtedly screw it up, especially with as tired as I have been lately.

I'm thinking and planning. There's an idea forming.... hopefully it doesn't get screwed up. If you're a crafty mama and have any ideas to help make it perfect, shoot them my way and leave a comment!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flower fanatic

I need to step away from the flowers! Since posting the link to the fabric flower pattern I have had a lot of fun making flower headbands. 

The first one for my baby shower gift turned out adorable, then I figured since I had an entire pack of headbands I might as well make flowers for all of them. 

Okay, baby shower gifts are all set for headbands. Now to refrain from buying more!