Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting ready for a blog review

I've got a blog review going on in April and so while I'm home on spring break I'm using some of the time to get to those 70+ snack bags that need to be finished. (Remember, I blogged about those months ago!) Well some of them are done, others are still waiting, but I've gotten most of the duo sets up in the shop and ready for people to check out. Keep watching for more info on the blog giveaway. You might just win!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cool new scissors

I picked these scissors up at Joann’s when they have 50% off all scissors. They are indeed some handy little things. I love them for making the rag quilt and they have come in handy for some other project where I’ve got to get into some corner or some small piece of fabric and snip something. If you haven’t added these to your sewing stash, I recommend checking them out during the next scissor sale!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rag Quilt

I purchased a Rag Quilt on Etsy a few months ago for a baby shower present. I loved the little lovey so after some research and investigating rag quilts, I gave it a go and decided to make one myself. Here's how it turned out.

Pattern Organization

Okay so now that I have become hooked on patterns I’ve run into a little bit of a dilemma. When you buy a pattern it isn’t just for one item, you get 5 or so projects. Once you cut all those flimsy pieces out they never fit back in the paper holder they come in. GRRR!
Plus, if you want to just work on one project you have to sift through all those other pieces for  the ones you need. So I had to organize my patterns! Welcome to the picture my handy Ziploc bags.
So, here’s what I did:
I cut out all the pieces for each different project. I separated the pieces by project and then folded them so that they would fit into a quart size freezer bag.
On the front of the bag I labeled it with the pattern brand and number, and then with my Sharpie I write which pattern pieces are inside the bag.
(This part was a little bit of work, but so worth it!) You know those huge papers with the directions? I took those papers and folded them in half them placed them on the copier machine, shrunk it down to 65-75% and made a copy of everything. I cut out the directions for each project and placed them inside the bag with the pieces.
My final step was using the original pattern package. I photocopied the back side of the package for each bag I had and highlighted which project that bag housed as well what supplies I would need.  I even cut out the picture from the front of the pattern package and slide that in the bag so I can see what the final outcome should be.
Okay, I know this seems like a lot of work, and yes I am crazy enough to do it, but it has really paid off. Now when I run to the fabric store to get things for a project all I do is grab my little plastic baggie and I have everything I need.
Bag Contents:
·      Pattern pieces cut out
·      Photocopy of directions
·      Photocopy of supply list from back of package

Learning to love patterns

I’m always said I couldn’t really follow patterns, so I never bought them. I just kind of got an idea in my head, made the item the wrong way a dozen times till I figured it out, and just sort of learned it on my own. 

But the other day I went with a girlfriend who was going to buy some at Joanns when they were 5 for $5. So I figured, what the heck, I’ll give it a try. For $1 it won’t be too much of a waste if I ditch the project. Well low and behold it turns out that reading a pattern is a lot easier than looking at something and trying to engineer it in your mind. 

Needless to say, I’ve now become hooked on patterns. And knowing that the patterns will get as cheap as $.99 or $1 keeps me from buying them at a full price of $15.95.
While it’s been fun working on different projects, I must say all the snack bags sitting in the workspace that should get done and posted to the shop are still just sitting there.

Fancy Flowers

My girlfriend Emily sent me a photo text a while ago with pictures of flowers. I was a bit puzzled by it at first until I called her and discovered she had made them as hair accessories! I quickly informed her I must have a few, and here’s one of the ones I received! She really is the best and this adorable flower really makes for a chic hair accessory for any occasion. I'm trying to get her to so a tutorial for any followers who want it, keep watching!

Diaper Bag on the Go

So as Little Man has gotten older I have returned to carrying a purse and relinquishing a diaper bag. While it has been most liberating in some ways, I must confess I miss the ability to hold an entire world in my diaper bag and every now and again I am caught somewhere on the go without adequate supplies. 

While this new phase has been most fun in the purchasing of large totes and hobo bags that will be more of a modern mommy with enough space to house a diaper, wipes and a couple kid essentials, I must say those little diapers can get awfully wad up quickly. 

So when I saw this Simplicity pattern for his and hers baby items that had a diaper case pattern I had to get it, especially with it being on sale for $1.99! I began to venture forth and make my case, and quickly realized the pattern doesn’t call for a lining and the handle strap is made of ribbon that attaches to the fold over section of the case rather than the body of the bag. Bummer for me, I hate things without a lining. 

After a few hours of figuring out how to improve it to my high standards I finally came out with a finished product! My version of the bag has a magnetic snap vs. a Velcro closure, the hand strap is made of fabric and interfacing vs. a ribbon. I’m even contemplating putting a pocket on there somewhere, we’ll see if that happens ☺ 

New love for corduroy

For years I’ve never cared for the corduroy material. Not sure what it was, perhaps I wore too much bad corduroy as a child, who knows. Lately I’ve come to appreciate the fabric much more. Not only is it quite sturdy for projects, yet it’s also not too thick when you sew that the fabric becomes unworkable. And with a few of the best embellishments, corduroy has come back into my life with some style!

New year, new things

I changed the little avatar and headline of the shop from owls to the little poppy seed trees. Not sure if it was needed, just felt like a change. 

Since my business cards ran out, I ordered new ones, and I even got some really cool little discount cards made up for customers when they purchase something. So excited to get them out there!

Personal Day Project

A couple of weeks ago I took a personal day. More like a mental health day. One of those days for me to just relax. While after realizing I am no longer able to just lie in bed all day anymore, I got working on one of pattern projects. 

I started working on a shopping bag holder for when I do groceries. It didn’t turn out too bad for my first pattern project.

It’s actually been quite helpful in the store, I don’t forget my re-useable grocery bags anymore, plus I have a handy place to stick my coupons and I even throw in a small snack for little man and my keys in the other pocket. If you’re interested in doing one I used the Simplicity 2664 pattern.