Sunday, March 21, 2010

Diaper Bag on the Go

So as Little Man has gotten older I have returned to carrying a purse and relinquishing a diaper bag. While it has been most liberating in some ways, I must confess I miss the ability to hold an entire world in my diaper bag and every now and again I am caught somewhere on the go without adequate supplies. 

While this new phase has been most fun in the purchasing of large totes and hobo bags that will be more of a modern mommy with enough space to house a diaper, wipes and a couple kid essentials, I must say those little diapers can get awfully wad up quickly. 

So when I saw this Simplicity pattern for his and hers baby items that had a diaper case pattern I had to get it, especially with it being on sale for $1.99! I began to venture forth and make my case, and quickly realized the pattern doesn’t call for a lining and the handle strap is made of ribbon that attaches to the fold over section of the case rather than the body of the bag. Bummer for me, I hate things without a lining. 

After a few hours of figuring out how to improve it to my high standards I finally came out with a finished product! My version of the bag has a magnetic snap vs. a Velcro closure, the hand strap is made of fabric and interfacing vs. a ribbon. I’m even contemplating putting a pocket on there somewhere, we’ll see if that happens ☺