Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shower Re-organization

Due to an obedience issue with my little man and the loss of some bath toys, I decided to finally re-do shower toys and organization in the bathroom. We had been using a small laundry basket in the shower to house all the toys. Downside to this is that water settles in the bottom of the basket and gets icky. :(

After the incident last week which resulted the with the loss of toys, I decided to change everything in the shower so little man didn't freak out the next day with no bath toys, so I saw this idea on another blog and decided to improvise.

I purchased some cheap laundry bags (3 in the bag) and a package of suction cups at the Dollar Tree.
I cut about 11" of ribbon from some of my ribbon stash at home and seared the edges to prevent fraying. Then I sewed it under and above the zipper of the bag.
I took two thin strips of green ribbon, seared those ends, and then sewed it to the top corners.

And VOILA.... this is what we got for the morning..... a new little shower organizer with some foam bath toys and army men...
No more slimy toys in the basket, toys can drip dry and for the $2.14 it cost me in supplies at the store, I can make 3 sets of these to use as presents or small gift additions.

I do like that I kept the zipper on this version rather than the original idea because we do tend to travel to visit family, and this way I can just grab his bath bag when it is dry and put it in his suitcase.

(By the way, the foam package that I used for the toys was $5 at Toys R Us, and it had more than 20 pieces, so I am going to parcel some out in the other 2 little bags I am making for friends.)