Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Make your own diaper cake

I was first introduced to diaper cakes at my baby shower, they were the table centerpieces. While they made an adorable decoration, they were also incredibly useful as I went through the first months as a new mom.

Now when I have baby showers to organize or go to, I'm always sure to find out if someone is making a diaper cake, and if not, I try to bring one. Here are a couple of photos from some made not too long a go for a couple I work with.

This first one shows that there are rubber bands holding everything together under the ribbon, I pulled the ribbon down for the photo.

The accessories are all bath themed for this one. The next photo has the ribbon in place and had toys and diapering accessories.

To make these two cakes, I bought one box of size 3 Target brand diapers (the generic ones allowed me to have the colored dots and no cartoon characters to try and hide,) wipes, bath items, diaper cream, a toy and a large package of rubber bands.

I rubber banded about 6-7 diapers and then put them inside of a large rubber band for the base. I rolled more diapers without a rubber band and secured them inside the large rubber band set so I wouldn't have to be hiding rubber bands everywhere. Once I had the base the size I wanted, I went ahead and did the same thing for the other two layers, rolling diapers and sticking them into the rubber band area.

When my layers were the size I wanted them, I used 3/4" to 1" ribbon and wrapped it around the rubber band holding everything together so the rubber band was hidden from view, plus the ribbon adds a nice finishing effect. You can tape the ribbon with clear tape, I used a pin needle to pin it in place.

Cost of the project: under $30 for 2 diaper cakes, not bad, especially if you know you have 2 baby showers coming up!