Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Running Idea Log

MJD is sitting in my bed watching some Mighty Machines. I don't normally allow a lot of t.v. during the day, but as he only napped 45 minutes today, we're using this as quiet time. Since he won't let me sleep, I figured I would surf the net for more crafty ideas and patterns..... What I found is too much! So here's a list of all the projects I want to do and where I found them from. 

Rounded Flower Petals

Flowered Headband

Racetrack Carrier

Handbag Pen Pouch

How to do French Seams

Dinosaur Play Mat

Sewing Supply Case

Easy Lunch Tote

Small Lined Purse

Perfect Box Pouch

Crib Guard Rail

Sewing a Ladder Stitch

Sew a Baseball Stitch

Flower Yo-Yo

Fabric Mail Sorter

Recipe Card Holder

Felted Needle Book

Business Card Holder

Reversible Headband

Sewing Bag

Fabric Bag Basket

Checkbook Cover

Shopping Bag

Storage Baskets

Car Trash Bags

Fabric Stitched Notecards

Pencil Bag

Owl Ornament

Quilted Wallet

Frayed Flower Pin

Making Fabric Labels

Using a Yo-Yo Maker

Drawstring Bag Pattern