Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New present idea

So this past year for all my girlfriend's birthdays, I made them the Carry All Padfolios. We don't really exchange presents or anything like that, but I LOVE BIRTHDAYS and just can't help myself. Plus with all my fabric I don't really feel like it costs me much other than time. Anyways, now that I've been through a round of birthdays, I needed a new idea for this coming year.

While on vacation I stopped at a store from Italy called Portico. They have a huge collection of all sorts of house things and gift ideas, that is also where I bought some little girl presents. I picked up these sparkly pens there.

Wanting to add something to the mix, I also bought a ton of little notebooks (that fit perfectly into the padfolio) and just decorated them to be personalized for each lovely lady.
If you happen to be one of the lovely ladies with a birthday coming up and you're reading this blog and already have a padfolio birthday present from me, do me a favor and act surprised when you get one of these this year :) Thanks!