Friday, July 16, 2010

Making a nursing cover

I met a lovely young lady at the fountains this morning with my little guy. While one of my girlfriends was nursing she inquired as to the nursing wrap. I gave her my card and told her about the blog thinking I had posted directions on how to make a nursing cover when I posted other tutorials, and sure enough as I looked in the archives, the pictures of the nursing cover made it up in posts about baby gifts, but never the directions. :(

So if you're the lovely young mama from the fountains this morning, I will get directions up within the next week so your friend from church can put one together for you. I have to get some fabric and make one this week for a friend anyways. Or if you're another mama or sewer just looking for directions, the tutorial will be up a.s.a.p.

In the meantime, if you want to make a nursing wrap and need to know what supplies you need to buy here they are:

1 yard of a cotton fabric print of your choice
2 medium "D rings"
1/4" yard of terry cloth (if you would like a pocket inside the cover)