Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pillowcase Dress

I love these little dress. I see them all over Etsy, and without a little girl of my own, I've never had reason to make one, until now! No, not for myself, a friend at church asked for one when I asked what her little girl would like for her first birthday :)

To be honest, I was actually quite nervous after making the dress. When you do an item for the first time, there is always so much room for improvement, but this time it had to be good. Then choice selection on fabric always comes into play, is the fabric too busy, is the pattern girlie enough, on and on. But in the end, not bad for my first time around. After receiving confirmation for a mutual friend that the pattern would suit for the little girl, I feel much better.

I see more pillowcase dress making in the future.....