Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making your flip flops!!!

I finally wore my BLING flip flops to our morning mommy play date at the mall today. The ladies loved them!!! So here's how to make your own!!!

  • 1 pair of plastic flip flops. Picked mine up cheap at Old Navy.
  • Black thread and needle
  • 2 Jeweled buckles. I ordered mine from Etsy, but a friend finally found some in Michaels (if you find them and buy them there, be sure to use of their 40% coupons.)
  • 2 pieces of 1" wide ribbon cut to be 12" long
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
Step 1: Slide a long piece of thread into your needle and tie a knot at the end, then at the top of your flip flop use the end of the thread to go around the thong of the flip flop and make a knot. Then place your buckle on top of the show so the bar of the buckle is in the middle of the thong.
(You can see in the picture I am holding up the edge of where I tied a knot.)

Step 2: Using the needle and thread you want to wind it up and down through the thong and the buckle so that the thread goes above and under the bar of the buckle and secures the buckle to the middle of the thong part.

(I know these photos aren't great... it's hard to get pictures of black thread on black shoes.) Make sure your buckle is securely fastened to the plastic part of the shoe.

Step 3: Cut the needle off of the thread and use the free edge of the thread to go back up to the slack of the knot you made in step 1 and tie the two ends together to make it knot tightly. Snip the loose ends and go to your ribbon.

Step 4: Take one piece of ribbon and create a flat bow by folding the ribbon in the middle, then taking that middle part and folding it down.  You can see the fold at the top will be the center of the ribbon bow. Take your needle and thread again and sew the back section together to hold the bow in place. You don't want to sew the top piece of the ribbon down otherwise you will see the stitches through the buckle. Repeat this for both ribbon pieces.
Step 5: You now slide the ribbon under and through the buckle that is attached to the shoe.
Once the ribbon is in place and you're happy with it, cut the edges down to where you like them. I cut them at an angle. Take a lighter and careful sear the edges of the ribbon so they don't fray. Be careful not to burn your shoes!!!!

Now paint your toes a pretty color, and adorn your feet with lovely flip flops for the summer festivities!!!!

You can also interchange the ribbons to match outfits by sliding these out and slipping in new ones :) Talk about versatility!!!