Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zippered Wet Bag & Diaper Tote Tutorial

I love the SUPERSTORE Joann Fabric Stores. So much fun to see the racks and racks of fabrics and sometimes score some adorable fabrics in store that I would normally have to buy online :)

Such was the case with this project. I knew I wanted something a little different from my last diaper case sack, and something close to a wet bag. So I made a zippered diaper bag/wet bag out of this super cute 2D Zoo print fabric.

I love that the inside of the bag is made with PUL (used in reuseable diapers so it is waterproof and easily wipes down and washes out) there's a zipper closure and a hand strap on it.

The finished bag measures 8"x10" and the bag has no exposed seams inside of it.

I cut two pieces of fabric and two pieces of PUL to be 9"x11" and I cut one piece of fabric to be 9"x10" for the pocket. I used a 9" zipper and had a 1/2" seam allowance.

I folded over the top of short edge of the pocket piece down 1/2" and ironed it and repeated so that there was no exposed seam at the top and stitched across the top. Then I laid the pocket (face up) on top of one of the other top fabric pieces and did a baste stitch around the sides and bottom to hold it in place using an 1/8" seam allowance.

Now my confession.....I HATE ZIPPERS!!!! I hate them with a passion, mostly because they scare me and I don't really know how to sew them well. So I  followed Ashley's directions on her zippered bags for the making of the zippered portion and getting the lining in place. (Awesome tutorial!)

Once I got this far, I went ahead and cut a piece of fabric to be 1.5"x6", folded it in half lengthwise, stitched the long edge and turned it out. Then I ironed it, folded it in half and stitched it into place against one of the fabric pieces so that the strap was face up against the right side of the outer fabric.

Then I went back to Ashley's directions and sewed the outer pieces and lining together with right sides touching and sewing along all sides with a 2" opening in the lining. Trim edges, clip corners, turn out and stitch the opening in the lining and pull through.

There you have the zippered wet bag that doubles as a diaper tote on the go! I used some of the remnant fabric to make a burp cloth that will go with part of the gift set as I'm using this for an upcoming baby shower present.

Also love that the pocket holds one of the travel wipes cases with plenty of space in the bag for diapers and a change of clothes.

If you want it slightly smaller (which I might try next time I make one, just to compare) then you can use a 7" zipper and cut the fabric to be 8"x10" and adjust pocket likewise.