Saturday, January 29, 2011

Decorating Soap

When I made the hooded kid towels, I also added some handmade soap bags. (I just forgot to post the directions. Oops.)

So if you need a super simple project, and I mean simple and quick, for gifts favors, or just to add some fun to your bath time, here's how you can make soap at home.

I purchased a glycerin block at Michael for $10 (but used a coupon!) and some small plastic lollipop bags. Then found some fish decorations at my local party store. (They were really sandwich picks, but I broke off the pick part.)

I cut up the glycerin into the squares.
I took a microwaveable cup/bowl with a spout and put in about 3.5-4 squares and microwaved it for about 20-35 seconds. (You might have to test this out with your microwave to see how long it takes to melt without bubbling.)
Once it was melted, I took a plastic funnel and put the funnel inside the baggie poured in the melted soap. (I recommend doing this over the kitchen sink. I did drop it once and at least if you do you can just wash it down the drain rather than have it all over your counter.)
Once the soap is in the bag, I took my fish and added one to the bag. I had to kind of coax it into place and hold the bag for a bit the way I wanted the fish to float into it.
Then just let the soap harden, I put mine in the fridge for a while.

Add to a towel, or give as little gifts. Super easy. I think I might be making some more with hearts in them!