Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ribbon Rings Giveaway!

Well fans....another giveaway is up and going! 
So if you missed winning the last one, or just want to enjoy getting another goodie then keep reading.

Ashley of Ribbon Rings creates these adorable hand crafted rings decorated and fashioned with ribbon and embellishments on adjustable ring bases. So no matter your style, size or preference Ribbon Rings has something for you.
And at an incredible price of $5 a ring, they are super affordable for everyone's budget!

To help her start off her business she is offering one of The Woobie Shop's lucky readers their very own choice of one of her rings.

So check out some of her samples below.....and read the details of the giveaway:
  1. Make sure you are a follower here on The Woobie Shop blog....
  2. Head over to Ribbon Ring's FB page and become one of her fans. (More rings samples are shown there and she updates all her new inventory.)
  3. Leave a comment here below on this post and tell me which ring you would like to win, or how you would like Ashley to customize one for you!
Right now she's also offering a special promotion.....$5 per ring or 5 rings for $20. So if you just can't wait to see if you win one of the rings, or need to get some presents for anyone, send her a message on FB and order yourself some rings. 

Hurry up and leave a comment, this giveaway closes on Jan 26th!!!


Ribbonmama said...

I'm so excited to make a ring for the Lucky winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jillian said...

Yay! These rings are adorable! I would love the Hello Kitty with the pink and black polka dots or if I could get a Hello Kitty with Camo:)

jaclyn14 said...

I don't even know!! They are all soo cute, and I love them all!! But I think I'd really want to win a ring that is revolved around prayer and cancer. Both have a huge impact in my life, my moms dying of cancer, I just lost my aunt to cancer, my grandma, and both grandpas died of cancer. And all of it has led me to prayer, praying that things will get better. And I'm thinking maybe like this one:!/photo.php?fbid=113403855395178&set=a.113403815395182.13448.108164375919126
Everything the same except maybe a purple/lavender ribbon (lavender is all kinds of cancer) mixed with a teal ribbon (for anti-bullying and panic disorders), and maybe if possible a cross for the center part? or a cross mixed in with the ribbon?

I don't know just a crazy idea!!! If I win I think you should design it, but try to have a cross and ribbon? <3

Dangit now I want to win hahaha, I would love to have one I don't normally wear rings but these are just so cute not too!!

But I'd wear it for my family, and also for me being the one whos been bullied a heck load and for having a panic disorder. <33 thank you sooooooo much for having this contest <3

PS. Sorry for the long comment haha.

amanda said...

Your work is absolutely awesome!!! I have fallen in love with
Item # SOT1
the military ring with the ribbon,camo and star. my boyfriend is over seas right now... and not being able to talk to him too much has me heart broken.. the daily reminder would catch the tears for sure and remind me that he will be back home soon!!!!

I LOVE your work tho! very creative!!! :)

PRIN☮CHIIZ said...

The rings are so cute . I want em all !

Kristen Soda Chapman said...

I would sooo love to win the Hello Kitty ring!!! I have LOVED Hello Kitty for soo many years. your rings rock and I will definately be ordering some!!! <3

mstara242003 said...

These rings are u have more hello kitty ones....can u make customized ones.....I would love to order some!!!!!!!

mstara242003 said...

These rings are u have more hello kitty ones....can u make customized ones.....I would love to order some!!!!!!!