Monday, January 17, 2011

Making a Hooded Towel

Making your own hooded towel monster:

To create the towel hood: 

I bought one hand towel and cut the hand towel in half width wise. (The top of the towel is where the edge is raw from being cut.)

I used some Heat N Bond to attach the ribbon across the width of the towel where I wanted it and added a monogram initial on the top with my machine. I went over top of the ribbon with my sewing machine and stitched it into place. (Not that Heat N Bond isn't great, but for multiple washing and usage, I like to sew everything in place.)

Then I folded the towel so that the right side of the towel (with all the decorations) were touching and did a straight stitch down the raw edge and then went back and did a ziz-zag stitch on the edge to help prevent fraying.
 (Sewn edge is here on the right side.)

To Complete the Towel Monster: 
I laid out the body towel length wise and opened up my hooded piece so that it would be centered on the body towel. I laid the hood on top of the body towel so the two seamed edges would lay on top of each other and pinned them in place. (Refer to photo.) Then I stitched on top of them with a straight stitch to secure it in place and a zig-zag stitch for more security and decoration.

Now just add your own little monster and enjoy!