Friday, June 17, 2011

Heat Transfer Silhouette Onesies

I am in LOVE with the Silhouette SD machine!!!!! Only problem is I don't have one :/ But my good friend just got one as a gift from her husband and was kind enough to bring it over for me to play with.

I seriously love that there are no cartridges like are necessary with the Cricut. Everything runs through your computer and it the actual machine is super lightweight and compact. 
(Only down side is that to transport it you must also carry your computer whereas the Cricut is stand alone.)

SO.... To begin this project I took a plain black one piece romper for my little bean. 

Used the Silhouette to cut out "GOT BOOBS?" onto vinyl heat transfer. 
(Remember when doing this, you have to mirror your image and weed off the negative vinyl.)

I positioned the vinyl where I wanted it, leaving the clear covering in tact, then used the high heat, no steam setting on my iron to iron it onto the onesie.
Finally, put your own little milk monster into the outfit and Voila! Homemade adorable outfit!

Speaking of feedings, think it's time to get him fed!