Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baby Towel Monster

I LOVE those little baby towels with hoods on them. What I love even more is a sweet wet babe wrapped up in a towel and smelling like baby wash...ahh...makes me want to bathe my little guy again.

Only problem in our home is that our little bean has grown so much and so quickly that those baby towels don't quite dry him off, wrap him up well or keep him warm, yet I hate to use big adult towels.

So that's where the mini version of the "Towel Monster" comes into our home....

For this project I used a plush full size towel, hand towel, bias tape, heat and bond and scrap fabric......

Step one: Cut your large towel in half, lengthwise and lay the hand towel in the top corner of your half towel. Using the base towel, trim the hand towel into a triangle so it lines up to form the hood of the baby towel.

Step 2: I wanted to add decoration to my hood, so I took some scrap fabric and cut out a letter "L" for my little bean and appliqued it to the "hood" of the towel. 

Step 3: Line up the hood and the towel with right sides together, pin hood in place and sew hood on. (I used a serger on this section to keep the towel from fraying, if you don't have a serger you can zig zag stitch it on your sewing machine.)
Step 4: Turn your towel right side out and add bias tape to any raw edge to give it a finished and polished look. 

Add a little one and enjoy your bath time!!!

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