Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Homemade baby wipes!

At one of my baby showers a couple of weeks ago, one of the gals gave me a Domino Sugar container and bottle of water.....no really, that is what it was, kinda.

So of course it peaked my curiosity and I opened it up first, and lo and behold....homemade baby wipes!!!!!

Super cool idea, do you know how many of those are consumed in our home! Well hopefully this will help out some and help with some diaper rash when it comes.

Cut a roll of Bounty paper towels in half and place into a tub. (Don't buy generic.)

Recipe for solution:
1 oz. baby oil
1 oz. baby wash ( any brand)
1 oz. witch hazel
1 3/4 c. water

Mix all ingredients, add to tub, let it absorb and then remove towel inner tube and use within 2 weeks.

Great idea Jesse!

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Jesse said...

so i came on here to read about the baby. imagine my surprise!! :) a folgers coffee container works slightly better because the size but we have no use for the coffee here...when the liquid is added you will see it all fits!
a few other tips. it has to be bounty select a size, my sister has tried a few and she swears it has to be this! also, if you want you can cut slits in the top to make it a pop up- but we prefer to take the lid off.
i decorated molly's by having my husband spray paint it. he never had time to paint yours, and he freaks out about me and chemicals (its a good thing!!! i havent pumped gas or bleached a toilet in quite some time ;) )
i made these for a friend in tampa when her daughter was battling terrible diaper rash. these wipes were amazing for her daughter, there are no preservatives and they really clean better then the store bought (no preservatives means they will eventually mold, but we never had a problem because you use them too fast!!)
i really hope you enjoy them!!
(and feel free to tweak the amount of water, sometimes they need a drop more- up to 2 cups worth)

oh, and enjoy wiping little liams tushie with them!! :) i can NOT WAIT to have a little tushie to wipe again!! :)

Karima said...

What a neat idea!
New google follower here, Karima x
Please pop by.