Monday, October 25, 2010

Been a while....more than a while....

So I finally got back to blogging. Don't take it personally, my family blog has been bleak too. So here's why. I was suffering through the first trimester of my second pregnancy!!!

Yes, this crafty mama is expecting her next one to the crew!!! Maybe it's because last time I was pregnant I didn't have a crazy man toddler to chase after so perhaps that is part of the reason I felt better. But this baby has been kicking my butt, plus the fact that I found out I was pregnant right when I went back to work and the busyness of work plus pregnancy was not too easy.

Nevertheless......the rough patch is over! Praise God. I finally am starting to feel a little more normal. And I am contemplating returning to my sewing machine and crafting. Yes, my poor machine has been lonely the last couple months.

Be on the lookout....Holiday projects are on the way!