Thursday, December 31, 2009

Starting 2010

Holy moley! It's been forever since I blogged about my store. My focus for 2010 is going to be to blog about the shop, all the craft things I'm working on and get my store name out there a bit... We'll see how it goes :)

It's not rocket science, how hard can it be??? (I hear the chuckles!)

But seriously, I've spent some time over the past year checking out other craft blogs and store blogs and mom blogs and all the blogs in general and some people have time and focus to do it, with thousands of followers that the idea of having a blog with only a few followers, or none at all just kind of intimidated me. Why do one at all I figured?

So I spent the year working on my own blog, practicing, reviewing, researching, and I'm just going to do it. But rather than worry about it getting popular or leading to business, I'm just going to have fun with it.

So if you read this blog, thanks for stopping. I really do appreciate it. Be sure to leave a comment or become a follower :) I'd love to get to know what crafty things you like to do and your talents. There are so many creative people out there :)

So come on 2010! Let's see what this year holds!